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good for her and everyone else that cabi has helped get back on bikes be it for transit, exercise, recreation, or all three.

and good for you for helping her with this.

Love this. Even more awesome if this is the new 11th Street bridge (on many levels).

CaBi eased my wife and I back on bikes after 25 years. Two years later we own several bikes, commute daily, and run most local errands on bike. We are far healthier and save money on gasoline, parking and tickets. Our automobile mostly sits collecting dust in M-F.

Long live CaBi newbies.

Agree with JFMAMJJASOND. I signed up for CaBi right when it opened up (still have my black key), after not having owned a bike for 10 years, and six months later bought a bike from Bike 'n Roll's inventory sale. My wife used CaBi to start riding for the first time in more than 20 years. And we're now in the market for two new bikes, and a child front seat for our 1-year old son!

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