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Given that the cyclist reportedly was riding in the wrong lane, I'll withhold judgment on his liability in the accident. However, I find it odd that the news writeup felt it necessary to note that the driver did not require an airlift. "Nobody worry, it's okay!! The driver of the 4000 pound vehicle wasn't injured in the collision with the cyclist..."

"withhold judment on **the driver's** liability"

If they didn't say what happened to the driver, it would be a gap in the story, given that there are two paragraphs on the fate of the cyclist.

A Maryland State Police helicopter crew flew a St. Mary’s College of Maryland student to a hospital last weekend

The bicycle rider was unconscious after impact with the vehicle’s windshield, a St. Mary’s dispatch log report states, and the helicopter crew flew her to University of Maryland Hospital’s Shock-Trauma Center in Baltimore. A hospital employee said Wednesday that Dykman has been discharged from the facility, but no further information was available as to her condition.

What I found confusing was that she is from Arnold, where College Parkway runs right by Anne Arundel Community College. But this accident did not occur there. It was on College Drive in St. Mary's.

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