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RE pedestrian calling you out for running on the sidewalk - that's one I have not encountered before. And I run in the Cap Hill/mall area every day in the fall. Of course the sidewalk is where runners should be, not the bike lane.

Must have been French. From yesterday's NYT article about a Parisian High Line-type park:

'For much of the way, the flâneur (stroller) reigns supreme. “The practice of jogging is tolerated to the degree that it does not annoy the walkers,” a sign tells visitors.'

So this is a little scary: http://ragetweet.tumblr.com/

^^^^^ Wow, that Tumblr is disgusting. As if we need anymore evidence that the Anti-Harassment/Assault of Bicyclists Bill is necessary.

Quibble no 1:

Not all the flexible bollards are back up on L Street.

Quibble no. 2

"Q: Just to note, police officers are often in that same category. They park in bike lanes all the time

A: Thanks."

That's not an answer.

Since Steny is using the paths to sell the FBI on it, maybe he can actually get some more of them connected in fabulous Prince Georges.

Will they coordinate the repaving of the 15th Cycletrack with whatever other paving they need to do? Next time Verizon or WSSC or whomever digs up the whole street, tell them they have to repave what they touched and 10 feet of the cycletrack for the inconvenience they caused.

The police parking response is priceless. Emblematic of the police's view of cyclists too. Oh, yah, them.

@Steve & KG,

Don't you know that making rash generalizations about groups of people and following it up with hateful and threatening comments is considered discrimination and is completely unacceptable unless that group is cyclists?

Re that Tumbler acct., it would be nice if car drivers actually obeyed the laws too. 36,000 American deaths last year because of car and truck drivers.

If the bike network in Prince George's County was any good, I wouldn't have to go through DC to get to my job there from NoVa.

The Tumbler acct. also confirms that a hardcore minority of car drivers, maybe 10-20 percent, are flat-out violent threats to society. Even setting aside the beef with cyclists, these aggressive car drivers are a menace to pedestrians.

Or are pedestrians breaking some sort of unwritten law by crossing in a crosswalk on a WALK signal when there are no cars in that crosswalk at the time?

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