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Speed bumps with bike cutouts would be nice on Woodmont Ave. in Bethesda. Some car drivers use that road as a high-speed alternative to Wisconsin Ave. Some of them won't stop even after nearly taking out a pedestrian crossing in a crosswalk on a WALK signal.

Why does Berliner think Bikeshare users are not commuting? I guess he thinks commuting=fast, but not necessarily.

It would also be nice if there was some traffic enforcement on Wisc between Bethesda and Friendship Heights. With three lanes it should be perfectly safe for cyclists,but drivers treat it as a speedway. There's only a sidewalk on one side,and it's narrow in spots,so it's just not a good alternative.

Berliner's comment distinguishing between BikeShare users and bike commuters is very weird. But WTOP has been known to quote out of context and screw up a bike story, like just last week: http://cyclemoco.com/2013/04/wtop-gets-bike-law-wrong-tells-everyone/

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