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Awesome - might check this out on my commute home today.

The access road to the north should only be open to maintenance vehicles, I imagine?

I think CSX vehicles can use it, but yeah not much traffic.

Where can I find a map of this part of the trail system?

I'm having a hard time visualizing where these trails are open.

This is the part labelled "11" East of the River

There are maps here and here.

Thanks for the tip. I rode over the bridge this morning, and it was great. The birds were quite chatty, and it looks like the ospreys may be building a new nest on one of the pilings underneath the Douglass Bridge. What a great ride.

Have you heard any news on the Kenilworth section? I saw some workers putting down plywood under the Benning Bridge, which I assume will be part of a ramp that people will use to jump over the unbuilt parts of the trail Evel Knievel-style

I tried it out this afternoon, a lovely ride. Used the Wetlands bridge too -- the beavers were out on Kingman Island, springtime all around.

It's still a mess on the downtown side of the 11th St bridge though. The gate was open at the end of the Navy promenade, so you could sneak through the construction zone, but to get back onto the trail, I had to ride up to M St and then travel in the main traffic lanes through the bridge intersections.

I had a chance to ride over the bridge this morning. The trail north of the bridge up to East Capital Street has been freshly paved and a bright yellow stripe has been painted down the center of the path indicating that it is a bike/trail path and not just a service road for CSX vehicles. The bridge itself is great and I'm glad it's finished even though there were times during it's lengthy and problem plagued construction I thought it would never be finished.

Hurrah! Finally!!! I have been watching this thing go up since the beginning. Just rode over it today.

In a week when my good friend was knocked off her bike by a car on East Capitol, this one is a win for bicycles. (Friend is ok, sore and shaken up)

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