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I was at a Ward 3 meet and greet with Elissa Sunday evening. The very first question was about Elissa's statement of wanting to get people out of cars. The Ward 3 crowd was very hostile towards any reduction in the number of car parking stations or car lanes. I thought the "war on cars" thing was overblown until I sat with the Ward 3 crowd, they are fired up!

I live in Ward 3 and they are nutso when it comes to anything that might slow down their car driving or take away free parking. Not to get too political here, but while Silverman may support bike lanes she has also come out strongly in favor of parking minimums in new construction. Not sure generating more car trips is really that bike friendly.

Did anyone read about Silverman trying to push outer candidates out of the race in order to ensure the "progressive agenda advanced?" I was happy with her one bike lane comment, then read this crap. Lucky for her I'm not a DC voter. DC has enough problems with corrupt council members to need anything more.

Where can I find more information on each candidates' views towards bike, pedestrian, and public transit infrastructure? I don't want to base my vote on one snippet from one newspaper article.

@Rob F,



Not sure how "pushing to make sure other candidates meet the election criteria" equals "corruption". If we're playing basketball, and you double-dribble, is it "corruption" to ask for the call? That seems a bit strained.

Another mystifying example of how as a driver and a cyclist I am granted more rights and privileges as the former than the latter (even though I am causing more pollution and taking up more space than when I am biking). Go figure.

@Oboe, if you're so desperate to win that you're begging other candidates to quit the race and promising to support them in the future, then what on earth are you going to do if you do win? Yah, I do think it's shady. I do think there is corruption on the City Council. And I think someone with this mindset would rationalize pretty much anything to advance her beloved progressive agenda.

I want the bike lane on Connecticut Avenue. I love her stance toward biking. But I worry there is a lot more than meets the eye by the moves to win.

Call me a cynic, but I did my time dealing with politicos and learned the more desperate they're willing to sound publicly, the worse off it is behind the closed doors. Thanks, but no thanks.

@T you are a cynic. She's clearly second in the polls and looking to consolidate support, and she's doing what politicians everywhere do, and that's cut deals. Doesn't sound desperate or begging at all, but pragmatic. Nothing in the least sleazy about it. She's got a better bike stance than others, is the only candidate not to take PAC or corporate dollars, and I hope she wins.

I'm not worried about what she did. She seems to have said "We're splitting the vote that we both need to beat Bonds. Since I'm ahead of you in the polls, you should drop out so that one of us can beat Bonds (me) and next go-around, I'll support you."

I think it's pragmatic. It looks likely that, if both stay in it, both will lose along with the issues they believe in. Doesn't it make sense for one to back the other?

(I also understand Frumin's desire to stay in it, and his explanation for why.)

I would only vote for a progressive if they're an unelectable namby-pamby who understands that it's more important to set a spotless example by adhering to an impossibly pure standard, than actually playing by the existing rules, winning, and implementing a progressive agenda.

Unfortunately, no one I've ever voted for has been elected, but at least I've remained unsullied by the corruption of the quotidian world we live in.

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