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Does this explain why the former stoplight on 17th street just south of Constitution NW is now in perpetual yellow flash mode? This is a heavy foot traffic area between the Washington Monument and the WWII Memorial. Tourists stand there waiting and pushing the walk button, but they don't realize that the cars now have a flashing yellow. Just step out into the crosswalk and hold your breath.

I've been saying this for years. Nearly all of the most dangerous intersections on Capitol Hill are dangerous because of the proliferation of traffic lights and pedestrian signals. Usually when you see someone driving recklessly it's because they're trying to "make that light".

The minor exceptions are places like 7th and Maryland NE, where the 70s DOT created a highway in the midst of a residential neighborhood.

I just wish they'd fix the traffic circles. Having stop lights completely moots the circle,it just makes it a weird intersection. Properly designed traffic circles would really help to keep things moving while allowing reasonable speed levels.

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