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The famous Eagleman Triathlon course runs through the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge. Very little shade but a nice place to ride. As long as it isn't 90F and you're out there for 3 hours or more, with insufficient sunscreen.

...with insufficient sunscreen or no bug juice. Perish the thought of a flat tire out there as you will fast become a meal for voracious bugs. Happened to me during a Church Creek Time Trial - which also goes by that area. On the bright side: it was the fastest flat tire repair I ever did!

re: the "take the lane graphic"

Very cool! Now, if you just make that auto an Yukon XL with Maryland "ag" plates, and a little speech bubble saying "Get the Hell out of the road, beeyotch!" it perfectly captures the DC metro cycling experience.


@oboe-If you see a Lincoln Navigator SUV w/ DC Plates "G Music" you should probably just get out of the road entirely. That guy will go out of his way to come as close to you as possible.

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