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I used L St last night to go across town as the plaza in front of the White House was still cordoned off.

I was astonished at the amount of driver misbehavior still occurring.

Cars were queuing up for left turns in the cycle track well before the merge point.

At the end of the block many cars failed to fully merge over and so blocked the thin sliver of the cycle track left for the cyclists.

Finally I was almost taken out by a cab that threw a left hook from the intersection rather then use the left turn lane.

Is it illegal to ride with headphones? I tried to look this up earlier after reading Jaffe's screed but couldn't find a straight answer.


IIRC, it's the same rule that applies to cars...one earbud is fine, but you can't have headphones in both ears. I'd assume this applies only to riding on streets and not MUPs.

I don't believe DC has a law prohibiting headphones.

I don't think it's safe to ride with earphones. But it's not the biggest safety issue out on the roads. It continues to be distracted driving, with drivers texting or websurfing. Red light running (by drivers and cyclists) and jaywalking pedestrians who dart in front of cars are other problems.

Kind of strange how a single hypothetical accident is supposed to bring down, single-handedly, bike culture in D.C., but the steady stream of driver-caused fatalities, here and in every other city in the U.S., is not really a problem.

I can't remember the details. I think it's illegal to have two earbuds in Virginia. I can't recall the rules in dc or md, though I don't think DC has one. That's why I hedged my bets and wrote " in the region".

This is why no one rides a bike in DC anymore:


Harry Jaffe's article is the first description I've seen of what was hanging from the handlebars from the fatal accident a few months back....A barbecue grill...

Really? I thought I posted that here. Have you not been reading every day like you're supposed to?

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