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What? A critic is uninformed and using misleading numbers? Say it ain't so!

Mayor Rob Ford is against it, too. Kind of tells you all you need to know.

Yet another no texting/talking law that will likely go unenforced. They had the power to enforce this before with the distracted driving provisions and never did. Now they actually will not be able to enforce this against non-moving vehicles, which believe it or not was a problem in MD with people distracted by the call.

This goes back to one my strongest objections to the MGA. They fix problems without actually looking into why the problems aren't fixed already. Same thing happened on the gun bill with straw purchases. It's already illegal to straw purchase, yet they can't name 12 prosecutions since President Obama took office, yet believe it's happened hundreds of times. The solution? Make everyone get new licenses...as if people didn't have to provide their old licenses when they bought guns. It's just stupidity.

So, my critique would be unfair if I didn't offer my solution. Double or triple your distracted driver penalties and points associated with them. Then ask for funding to have a targeted educational outreach and officer crackdown on it. Watch behavior change then.

Now if we could just get VA to pass a distracted driving law(and dooring law).

Wonder why NYC's bikeshare is $95/yr when ours is only $75?

isn't the financing for New york's strictly from memberships/rental fees and selling advertising space?



There isn't a very definitive law, but it hasn't stopped some area enforcement from enforcing existing law regarding paying full attention to driving. Like I said, it's about using what you have. They're a good case point though for a new law since they're using an old law to enforce.

Everything is more expensive in NYC.

I am not following your interpretation of the bike parking regs...the zoning is 1 bike parking space per 3 units which is 27-28 spaces. How do you get 60?

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