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That BtWD shirt looks like the same blue as the '09 I'm wearing right now. They should do a white one.

At least it's not purple.

I don't hate the Carlyn Springs W&OD proposal, but I would give it a very low priority.

You can always just hop on the 4 mile run trail on the opposite side of the creek (which used to be the W&OD trail until about 2000 or so).

I like the purple B2WD shirt! It's one of my favorites.

With respect to the ramp over the pipe. The trails we love often exist because of some infrastructure that kept the area from developing. We share those spaces with these other uses and need to recognize the occasional need to fix/upgrade those systems. I thought the ramp was pretty well done. We've seen far too many cases where a trail user (cyclist, ped, dog walker, maintenance crew) is completely insensitive to the needs of the others. These folks gave it some thought and offered a workable alternative.

There are probably more gun deaths related to hunting accidents than to gunslinger elimination tournaments, but that doesn't tell me much about which is safer.

All I know is that I was nearly killed in a gunslinger elimination tournament just last week, but fortunately I was wearing my "Good JuJu Ballistic Protection Sunglasses (tm)". I was saved, and am here to tell you about it.

You can be an idiot and not wear magic sunglasses when engaging in a duel with handguns--after all it's your life--but I learned my lesson! Idiots.

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