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From the Ironman article:

" A full-service shop tuneup before a long-distance race could cost $450 or more."

Good god, where in the world is he getting his bike serviced?

Some of the more powerful bike talismans can get pretty pricey. A genuine Soviet-era Office of Paranormal Research artifact could easily run that much, and definitely needs to be tuned up every so often lest some eldritch creature be unleashed in the middle of a race.

Ironmen have different requirements than "normal" cyclists like you and I. And by that I mean triathletes have more money than sense, and shops can see them coming a mile away.

From the article, it's actually a 30 mile round trip, and really not quite even that (says it's 14 miles one way). It's not nothing, but it's just a little more than I do (when I do bike), and I ain't no uber commuter. (too old and too cheap)

The Maryland legislative session has ended. As far as I can tell, the mandatory helmet law did not pass. Can anyone confirm?

Speaking of bike commutes and the cherry blosoms, the layout of Basin Drive & Ohio drive make the afternoon crossing of the 14th street bridge a complete s***-show this week.

@NeilB--yes, I can confirm it did not pass. As Majority Leader Kumar Barve of the House of Delegates said, "you will be happy to know that the bill remained in the Environmental Matters committee and will not be reviewed or voted on this year."

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