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All we need DC to do is dedicate the equivalent portion of transportation dollars by usage. We would have awesome infrastructure then!

The survey asks “How did this person usually get to work
last week?” and, if more than one mode of transportation was used, to just report the mode used for the most of the distance.

I seem to remember that the phrasing of this question has long been problematic, as it basically omits part-time bike commuters and/or people who drive and bike or bike to the metro/bus/whatever.

MM: exactly. If you bike two days a week, or bike the last 5 miles of an 11 mile commute, you are counted as driving all the time. We need to see a question that accepts mixed mode share.

Also, taking a snapshot in one week can be misleading: e.g. if the weather is foul, or Metro is down, you will see a shift to driving.

I look forward to the day when bike riding will be so popular that hipsters will sneer at it.

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