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Not a fan of that WAMU photo...

Any north bound cyclists have extra trouble with salmoning 15th street cyclists this morning?

I suspect you mean further up 15th St, but I did have a bunch of folks coming down on the wrong side of the cycletrack. Partially because of the DC streetsweeper, which is fine because I'm all for getting any glass/nails/etc off the ground before I ride over it. But also because for some reason folks seem to want to shoal horribly at the lights and then they're slow to start crossing.

Come to think of it, I had a guy with boat shoes on shoaling at 15th and K on his cruiser. Of course I ended up leapfrogging him one block later by default of him not understanding the timing of the lights and trying to shoal up at each one.

I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

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