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The full stations seems to be a bigger problem than empty from the POV of logistics and customer relations. Given that CaBi is more spread out than many other bike shares, I would expect that (a) you will see more of a commuting pattern, which leads to lots of full/empty at peak hours and (b) stations are further apart, so alternative are less convenient. From what I am seeing, I'd like CaBi to focus on shoring up its most popular stations with more docks instead of spreading the system further.

Doesnt ALta get fined for this crap, or do they get those waived too?

I wonder if they sent their vans to NYC for the month.

Maybe the rebalancing folk were all out sick for a couple of days.

Maybe they aren't paying their people enough, so they have less incentive to be prompt.

they are absolutely having a labor issue.

Put some super-large stations in Franklin Square, Farragut Square and a few other locations. While that won't fix the rush hour dockblocking problem, it can sure go a long way to alleviating it. Maybe a 50-dock station on both the north side of Franklin Square and another 50-dock station on the south side of Franklin Square. Similar set-up in Farragut Square.

The demand is there for far more docks at these locations. One obstacle is National Park Service control over both of these parks. But if NPS trots out the aesthetics argument again, they should first look at the poor state of the structures in Franklin Square. That should offend their sensibilities, not a bike station in the heart of downtown D.C.

The problem this weekend wasn't full stations, but empty stations, so people couldn't get a bike. I notified Capital Bikeshare, but they didn't even respond until more than a day later. They recommended I use the spotcycle app to see the status of stations. Hmm, have they thought of using the spotcycle app themselves, so they would know when stations are full or empty? They actually haven't, as far as I can tell. I bumped into one of the guys driving their trucks and told him the station down the street was empty. He said he was unaware of that.

As of now, there's no motivation for CaBi to deliver better service. There's no penalty for them when annual members are unable to use their service due to full or empty stations. We could stop using their service, but they already have our annual membership fee.

If they can't handle the logistics of the existing stations, it's only going to get worse as they continue to expand.

I think the full and empty #s have been transposed.

Eric, now that you mention it, that is what it looks like.

Determine the # of bikes that can be used without massive dockblocking occurring and cut the # of bikes to that.

Also if CaBi is supposed to not be for commuting but for leisure, remove the docks in business areas.

Both solutions hurt a bit but better than having a malfunctioning system.

CaBi is for transportation. That includes both commuting and leisure.

How long is the alta contract for?

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