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I have been wondering about that building along the MetBranch . . . it's very close to the trail!

Kudos to the UMD bike giveaway, but the university could do far more to promote biking in the local area if it would put its considerable weight behind actually making the improvements to bike and pedestrian facilities that are indicated in the Route 1 master plan. UMD is trying to be more bike friendly in some ways, but the local roads on and around campus are the biggest impediment. Local off-road trails are great, but the area streets are pathetic -- nowhere near "complete" let alone "green."

18 mph constitutes scorching?

UMD has made leaps and bounds for biking infrastructure on and near the campus from what I remember way-back-when. I've biked to the campus from Metro a few times and once without Metro. The bigger problem is when you go south of the city along Rt 1 or Adelphi Rd. Hyattsville could do a lot more. University Blvd is also a sour point, but there are some ways around it.

If they're serious about promoting cycling, the university ought to put a tire pump for bicycles somewhere in 3 places--North Campus (one of those dorms), mid-point around maybe Stamp and South Campus. Better yet, put one of those things up like they have at that one Metro Station to do basic repairs with ease. It would greatly increase cheap/poor students into riding

Exactly right @PA Ave cycletrack, exhibit A is the main entrance to campus itself. Massive amount of pavement to cross, traffic that often doesn't obey the limit (of 30 which is too high to begin with), and long light-cycles. The shame is that the surrounding neighborhoods are all great for pedestrians and cyclists. Rt. 1 is like that from the DC border to CP...a completely inhospitable line surrounded by great neighborhoods on both sides.

RE: I forgot,

When this was written, the world hour record was run at 23 miles per hour. 18 mph compared to that would be similar to riding 24mph (compared to today's record of 31mph). Assuming that all speeds have risen with lighter bikes and smoother surfaces, thats pretty fast indeed.

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