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For the love of humanity let's pass the hat and get that editor a Bikeshare pass and a spare beater in his garage.

I've experienced people using "turn of the century" to mean the late 1990s, and it creeps me out.

Probably getting his pads toed or a tape job. I prefer "Fin du Siecle".

We could say "Turn of the Millennium," though frankly, I still have trouble spelling "millennium."

Whether sprawl is killing America is a valid question, but the study isn't saying that according to the abstract. It's not accusing sprawl of anything really. It's talking about homeownership. If anything, the study highlights the need for better transportation to the houses people live in. Being able to take a different job that allows you to improve your skills, further your career and benefit employers (and the region) intellectually is indeed important and we don't want to make it more difficult for people.

The study argues that higher commute times lead to higher unemployment.

Higher commute times can just be the result of no jobs in the area rather then the cause.

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