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Bike Score has actually had rankings for the top 10 large cities (over 500,000 population) for a while. What they announced for the first time yesterday is a set of Bike Score rankings for the top 100 "cities" in the U.S. This includes smaller "cities" and other city-like jurisdictions. Local jurisdictions included in the top 100 list are Arlington at 17th, DC at 26th and Greenbelt at 60th.

I'm not sure being in the middle of this group is a good thing! I've been to all of these places (except Paradise NV) I think, and they're pretty car centric.

St. Louis MO 54.6 319,294

Plano TX 54.2 259,841

Los Angeles CA 54.0 3,792,621

Paradise NV 53.1 223,167

Greenbelt MD 53.1 23,068

Buffalo NY 52.5 261,310

Orlando FL 52.1 238,300

Phoenix AZ 51.9 1,445,632

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