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Too risky compared with what? Walking?

Experimental Teleportation.

A Connecticut Ave cycletrack or buffered bike lane would be great. ANC3F doesn't stretch the full length of Connecticut Ave in DC, and I don't think this bike infrastructure would be complete unless it did stretched that full length. It will be a pain to design with all the existing infrastructure as it fluctuates so much through that stretch (6 lanes, 4 lanes, on street parking, no on street parking, buffered lanes, bridges, suicide lanes, hawk signal, etc...). It will require more than just slapping some paint on the road to do it right. Hope it happens though.

Washcycle: I agree it got a bit out of hand, but what did you expect when you posted an article on GGW titled "cyclists are special and have their own rules"?

I didn't - David Alpert did.

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