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I think it's superfluous and redundant of the National Bike Registry to have a separate registry in Alexandria.

Personally, I'd be more impressed if they did more on stolen bikes than simply taking a report. My Surly LHT was stolen from my building's basement in March. The value of my bike with dynamo lighting system, racks fenders, etc. was pushing $2,000, but other than taking my report over the phone, I don't think officers ever did anything on the case. I imagine the response to a report of a stolen car of similar value would have been more serious, but maybe I'm wrong on that.

When I lived in NE DC several years ago and a bike was stolen from the garage of the house I was sharing with a couple folks, MPD came to my house and talked to me and took additional information. If nothing else, it made me feel like my case mattered on some level. I've never once heard of a bike thief being caught or charged in Alexandria, while I have heard of it happening in DC and Arlington, for instance, and I have heard of sting operations with bait/dummy bikes in those jurisdictions, too. I, for one, would appreciate a more vigorous and more public effort on the part of Alexandria PD to do something about bike theft, or at least publicize and communicate their efforts better to the community, something that goes beyond shuffling more paper, which is what it sounds like the sales registry amounts to.

So, if the PD's desire to have bike sales registered is part of some new grand strategy actually to crack down on and do something about bike theft, then so be it, but I honestly can't see how it will be any more helpful to them than the NBR. It will also miss all the sales that happen outside of bike shops, like the used MTB frame I purchased off Craigslist to build up a new bike.

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