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Now let us hear what the affected employees have to say. They , those that I have spoken to say Cabi in full of cronyism. That say that Eric is a blatant racist.
Further people don't stage the kind of protest that you see around Cabi have lest they have good reason. True most if not all American companies are dirt bags. But only the worst of the worst get investigated by the dept . of labor. Hopefully this will result in a stiff fine and jail time Eric and his cohorts.
After all while they are looking over their labor practices they might look into that DC bike share "no bid" contract as DC is more so known for corruption than fair play. Hopefully this will result in another of our noble city council going to jail.
Bikeshare built on cheating the workers is not worth it.
I would urge anyone who wants to bike to buy your own use it to get away from WABA , Cabi , "group rides, and be free. Ride and ride where you want for as long as you want.
Put some personal touch on your bike ex. some silly horn, on bell, be and individual go your own way. That is the only way to peace.

shorter version: we will get this information to you later. In the interim, think of how wonderful we are.

This is about the fact that they were paying bike mechanics $12/hour instead of $14/hour, right? Much ado about nothing.

Oboe: I respectfully disagree. If you are promised 14+, and they give you 12, thats 3-4 k in a year less

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