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Do you dismount and walk cars too?

I biked that part of the trail this weekend. Very few bicyclists followed that suggestion. If you don't mind a little gravel on your tires, there is no need to do so.

I biked there last Friday and got yelled at by one of the workers for not dismounting.

I biked there today. I didn't dismount and I didn't see any workers to ask about it.

The new surface is nice, but it was especially sticky today and sounded strange.

I always laugh at those signs that tell you to dismount. I feel like it assumes that a cyclist is like a 5yo child. I think most cyclists feel that they are more agile and feel one with the bike when they're riding it Once I dismount, I feel like I'm dragging a cruise ship around and it's like I have to worry about myself AND my bike for clearance, etc. Maybe the signs should be to warn cyclists to SLOW to a snail's pace and watch their traction. Must have been one hell of a lawsuit or someone scared of getting a lawsuit. Obviously not a confident biker!

I always laugh when I see those signs at intersections. I actually do the opposite--I stand up on my bike. it's been VERY useful for the most part in getting drivers to slow down and notice me, except in those super car-centric areas of PG county. Argh.

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