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The only two cars I've seen on local trails (W&OD and Four Mile Run Trail) have been police cars. Neither had their emergency lights on. I don't know why they were driving on the trails.

So long as bicycles aren’t required to be registered and have visible forms of identification, like automobiles’ license plates, bicyclists will feel licensed to behave unaccountably.

Pretty comical that when the majority of the road-using public can run down pedestrians with impunity (so long as they're not legally drunk), and where cyclists pay for any irresponsibility or inattention with their lives and bodies, it's cyclists would be described as "licensed to behave unaccountably."

Just further evidence that bike hate is 99.99% projection.

i see the flying zebras - why are they there?

@Michael H. Law enforcement drives on the bike trails for the same reason N.P.S. drive into the middle of Lincoln Park rather than park and get out, or deploy on foot or by bike. It's air conditioned inside, their laptops are in there and, oh yeah, because they can. Because it's effective policing? Not so much.

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