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That Geoff Hatchard link--the cops were amazing.

We have some amazing policing on Capitol Hill.

The failure of city officials to direct the police to protect areas other then the money making areas i.e. up scale entertainment and high rent areas etc. is a very old problem and one that is not new to urban residents.
It clear the police should be patrolling the bike routes.

It's not all on MPD. They can't be everywhere, but all law enforcement can. Get the National Park Service Police out of their cars and put them on the bike routes from one Park Service property to another. Put the uniformed Treasury police out onto the Mall, and the Federal Protective Service on the streets in Federal Center. Push the Capitol Police onto foot and bike patrols out to 4th Streets NE/SE. There are a lot of misallocated resources.

@david. Fair point, but, Hatchard's interaction took place in a high rent area and the police were there swiftly. I don't put this on MPD but the Park Service Police would be perfect to get their officers out of their squad cars and onto bikes. Federal Protective Service and Treasury Police and uniformed Secret Service too.

Just to get terms right, the agencies are:

Law Enforcement Rangers, National Park Service (big campaign hats, police powers, carry guns; rare in DC)

US Park Police (urban policing for NPS)

Uniformed Division, US Secret Service (guard White House, VP residence, embassies, and the Treasury Building)

US Mint Police

Bureau of Engraving and Printing Police

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