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Wow. People are callous.

This reinforces my lack of trust and respect for police officers. So many liars in the bunch.

Amazing, too, is that several drivers appear to simply continue on their way rather than stop to render assistance and/or offer contact information as a witness.

On second thought, not so amazing...

How fast do you think the cyclist was going? He's lucky they didn't hang that on him in a contributory negligence sort of case. Still, we can be good little boys and girls for a century and still get treated like dirt by the police and courts.

There really needs to be a way to challenge police investigations, especially when the evidence is so clear.

This really screams out - even in this very late case- to have WABA directly approach Cathy Lanier to explain, defend or punish the offending officer. Had the MPD done the correct thing the rider would not (likely) have had to pay lawyers from his claim settlement.

I completely agree ken. I'd also ask WABA to bring this before the council. It shows what cyclists have been saying for a while: even when we play by all the rules, we can get hurt and the law not only does nothing but blames us. This is an environment that encourages cyclists to break the law.

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