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RE: Box Car Willie Park I'm guessing somebody got cute with Google Mapmaker.

Crosswinds from prevalent winds funneling down the Potomac would also be less on the downstream side of the bridge. I've biked both Key and George Mason bridges. The winds on the latter are much more brutal. That probably also has to do with Key Bridge being higher above the water.

8 looks way too wide

If anyone has any questions, I was at the meeting. There was no presentation, but many consultants to answer questions.
The upstream vs downstream does connect at two different places in DC.
But the driving decision, will be because of the rail portion. They want to take the turn with the wides possible route, so the downstream side is better for the rail line.

I'm waiting for the "War on Boats" to be announced.

I'd be happy with dumping bikes at the circle at the west terminus of Maryland Ave. Any farther is just gravy.

I'm puzzled about the proposal for a tunnel on the Arlington side. Are they going to run the tunnel through Long Bridge Park? If so, then it looks like it would pass through or under the new aquatics center. (Construction on the facility is scheduled to begin this fall or winter.)

While I'd like to see a bike connection between Long Bridge Park and the Mt. Vernon Trail, and maybe to D.C., I don't like the idea of a streetcar running through the park.

Even if the design manages to minimize the impact on the park, they would need to work on the design quickly. They would also need to coordinate with the Long Bridge Park team, so that such a tunnel can be incorporated into the aquatics center site from the very start. If they build the tunnel this year, that will avoid the mess of digging up the area around the aquatics center shortly after the facility is built.

Yep some idiot with only 1 edit went and changed it back in November of 2011 and it got approved (shouldn't have but standards were not as strict back then). DC GIS database still calls it Hancock Park. It also has poorly drawn borders. I will fix :) (it will take a bit to show up on actual Google Maps though) I will keep the Boxcar name but it will be marked as obscure so folks who are use to seeing it named that on Google will still be able to find it via search.

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