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There are plenty of security cameras in that area I think.

At 9:00pm last night, I was biking home on the MBT with a friend. Just past the staircase that leads down the NOMA metro we encountered a large group of 20-30 African American teenagers. My friend passed through the group first and as I was attempting to do the same, I was struck in the head by one of the youths. Fortunately for me, that was the extent of the attack. I was not injured and no property was stolen.

The attack was not nearly as serious as what occurred earlier in the day but I still felt it necessary to report the incident to the police. Two officers met us near the trail and took our statement and the 911 operator told me they would have a unit at the end of the trail near the metro, but I'm not positive any suspects were stopped or questioned.

What I basically took away from talking with the officers was that the MBT is dangerous and we should just stay off of it. Not exactly the solution I was looking for.

The knockout game comes to DC. Ugly.

The safety issues on the MBT are well documented for a long time. Its a waste of money to spend millions making the MBT, but failing to patrol it to keep it safe.

That Titan of Trinidad link has some interesting info, including a statement by MPD that "we are not installing cameras;" a statement by the blogger that three cameras were installed but not doing any good; and an account by a local posted in the listserve(that sounds like a comment posted in the Bike Party thread) about MPD using the trail as a patrol car shortcut.

Plus competing statements about how safe (official MPD) and dangerous (others) the trail is.

Apologies if I'm off on some of the details, follow the link.

Sounds like polar bear hunting or the knock out game. :(

hey greenbelt, i don't think there are any cameras close by. is a solution to just stay off the trail? absolutely not. the stretch between the entrance at the noma metro all the way to the 90-degree turns at r street are incredibly easy to cause a problem/escape from. 911 operators aren't going to know which way is up if you call them. there are 'street' signs further down marking the cross-streets but between this stairwell mentioned & the r street exit, if you were to want to cause a problem, you have 3 places to quickly get off that trail & hide. so a big group that scatters has 3 places to go to get away.

Not to blame anyone, but you have to trust your instincts. Just run around, if you can do so in time. You are faster than they are.

"Turn around"

Once again, peds and cyclists are expected to be happy to feast upon the scraps of the transportation budget, and enforcement that is spotty at best. U-turns across your lanes: sorry we can't enforce that law. Assault by retired cops: sorry, we couldn't find him. If there were regular car jackings on GA avenue do we think MPD would be sitting still?

This is sickening, and for the person who was attacked in the evening, thank you for reporting your incident. I was attacked while jogging a few years back..same deal. It appears to be a sport of sorts.

I agree on "just turn around"...do not worry about offending anyone, if you feel in the least bit uncomfortable, turn around.

"The safety issues on the MBT are well documented for a long time. Its a waste of money to spend millions making the MBT, but failing to patrol it to keep it safe."

Well, why do you think patrolling will do any good? Patrols dont usually work...

We predicted this would happen on this trail!!!! notice the glory of the trash and graffiti as well!?...

We have a population that has been CREATED by a plutocratic society as disposable...and they have reacted violently (which is actually a good thing...it shows they are some native inclinations to social justice...). The only way they have left to make any meaning is through violence and destruction. Theyve been cynically manipulated and exploited economically, from school to jail (althopugh they are one in the same...)...and then act out...


Those people over there are not to be trusted (even though this is not there fault). The MBT will NEVER be a good trail, and never be like the CCT, because of social dynamics that far outrun and explain mere "bicycling."

And its been 23 years since they started the damn thing and it will never be completed!

My wife and I ride a tandem all over town. Like all mammals, when confronted directly and eye contact is made (can you say FFA?...), most attacks are averted. But the minute you turn your back scared angry mammals attack: I cant tell you how many times we have had rocks and bottles and ice and even a 2x4 thrown at us!! And it's always males; and theyre always black, and theyre always poor; and theyre always uneducated; and theyre always in bad neighborhoods.


You dont think that the fact that the combined top income of 3 million Americans being equal to the combined 181 Million at the bottom has anything to do with this?...


They just dont love God enough. Theyre just bad people...bad apples.

The trail rules should allow bikers to speed just so they can sprint away from attackers.

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