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You really would think that helmets are a talisman that provides complete safety, which is just silly. Only my handlebar-mounted fossilized walrus penis bone does that.

Where did you find a handlebar-mountable one? I've been looking all over. Mine is hand-held so I have to choose between being able to use the brakes or the cell phone.

I've only had 2 very serious spills in my decades of biking and both times I busted up my helmet good (though not my head). I have a hard time sympathizing with the anti-helmet zeal.

Can I get a fossilized walrus penis bone at my local bike store, or is it a special order? It wasn't on Nashbar.

A lack of helmets is not the cause for cycling deaths. The lack of safe cycling infrastructure is the problem. The Dutch rarely wear helmets, ride bicycles much more yet have less cycling deaths.


Don't get me wrong, wearing helmets while cycling is a great idea but it's not the solution to the problem.

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