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The heatmap link is broken. If it's the one I think it is (like one I tweeted recently) the data is even more skewed. The source is riders with GPS who use Strava and wish to see pacing detail relative to other riders.

It's VERY heavy on climbs and loops where racers train, almost completely ignoring anything else - including "junk mile" sections people would have to ride just to get to the virtual competition.

I fixed the first link. Thanks to everyone who contacted me about it.

The heat map is great, but it makes you wish more commuters and everyday riders recorded their rides too!

In order to get your rides into the heatmap you have to submit segments in the main website.

NY and Citibike were such an obvious fit. Once the concept was proven in other lower density cities (like DC) and some of the technical aspects worked out, it was really a no-brainer. Although certainly other politicians than Bloomberg might not have had the patience and forward vision that he did.

In many respects, the success of CaBi here proved the concept was not only viable, but a real asset in the transportation mix.

Agree with Greenbelt. Data are skewed (as we were warned). Note how the route of the recent Air Force Classic in Crystal City is heavily traveled. I don't think most cyclists would ride Route 110 under normal conditions.

yeah, the heat map not only appears light on every day riders (though it COULD be that there more people doing Hains point loopss than riding in Logan Circle, and more doing the mountain bike trails in Wakefield Park than riding in Old Town and Del Ray) but some of the routes appear to clearly be a single rider - the routes in Annandale for example are somewhat idiosyncratic.

Love the heat map mashup, particularly the lines out in western montgomery county & the ag preserve. Will have to try some of these routes.

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