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It's extremely short notice, but there will be a meeting tomorrow morning (Tuesday) about the New Mexico Avenue bike lanes:

DDOT will conduct a site visit to explore placing a bike lane on New Mexico Ave. on Tuesday, June 4th at 8:30 am. We will meet Mike Goodno and an additional member or two of his staff at the Starbucks on New Mexico Ave.
Please note that this site visit is open to the public so the more residents that can attend and participate the better. Also, subsequent to the site visit, Commissioner Mike Gold be working with DDOT to schedule an evening community meeting to discuss the bike lane at a later date in June. Sutton Towers has already offered to host the meeting.

"A witness say the woman was walking alone near Glencarlyn Park at about 11 a.m. when a man jumped out of the bushes, grabbed her from behind and began attacking her with the knife"

"Bleeding from her wounds, the woman managed to stumble to a nearby bridge on the more populated Washington and Old Dominion Trail, where some joggers called for help."

This is awful, but these two statements don't seem to add up. If there was a witness, why didn't anyone help the woman until she stumbled onto the W&OD? Or did the "witness" just hear the victim explain what happened?

Drunk drivers, knife wielding maniacs, but its the cyclists who are the real threat. Go figure

Sequoias are not native to Kemtucky but are not likely to be invasive. FWIW

is there any update on this meeting Contrarian mentioned above? I saw his/her note too late (and had to be at work anyway).

I live around the corner and would love to see bike lanes on New Mexico. I think in the past the local ANC (3D?) put the kebosh on the plan.

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