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From the WSJ comments:

"A few years ago l was walking at a quick расе down the sidewalk and had to stop really quickly when a little baby on a scooter went right across mу path. The baby didn't get hurt but because in physics every action has an equal and opposite réaction l flew up in the air and smashed down in the gutter on the right side of mу face. l was all swollen up and had to be glued together on mу other eyebrow with butterfly stitches. My right eyebrow bone is still a little swollen up looking to this day."

Made my morning, thanks...

I love that the WSJ editorial video is preceded by an ad for the new Bentley luxury sedan. We see who the target market is for WSJ advertisers and the editorial board is not likely far behind.

Delivery companies downtown. When alleys available, paint street curbs special color. Parking at those curbs quadruples fines or something sufficiently large to change behavior. When alleys are available, companies should be delivering in the back. Problem is we've lost so many of our alleys to new air conditioned square footage.

Delivery trucks in bike lanes are something I struggle with daily in trying not to get angry about them and understanding that they have a difficult job. I like the idea of somehow making it easier to make deliveries legally. But more loading zones would likely decrease parking spaces, and that's bound to upset folk too.

We should get rid of most on-street parking downtown to make more room for deliveries, bus stops, taxi dropoff/pickups.

On-road transportation space is too valuable to use for car storage, even after rush hour.

Plus the idea that "maybe" you can snag a cheaper on-street parking space causes lots of drivers to circle the block, adding to congestion.

Will it be long before the beleaguered citizens of NYC form a well-regulated militia and rid themselves of this two-wheeled tyranny?

Sometimes it seems that delivery trucks even park in the bike lands when there are parking areas available. It is easier and more efficient for them to just pull into the bike lane then to actually park their truck.

NPR should have asked Gabe about contact steering. They have been doing a series on corruption in contacting by the DC government.

Tremble in FEAR at the all-powerful bike lobby.

Incidentally, BSNYC gives the WSJ and "Mme." Rabinowitz about 4 linear feet of foudroyant invective. Point away from face when opening.

That WSJ video was nuts. Love it when people complain without providing any evidence what so ever.

NYC does compile their bicycle crash data. The first reporting period available is from 10/1/2011 to 12/31/2011. So 2 winter months long before Citibike ever came around. In this report it shows there were 27 crashes between bikes and peds resulting in 26 ped injuries and 0 fatalities. Extrapolating this linearly over the entire year (which is as accurate as I have time for) would come to 156 pedestrian injuries and 0 fatalities.

2009 is being lauded by NYC DOT as being the safest year on record in NYC history and they had 155 pedestrian fatalities crashes with motor vehicles and I can't find the injury data for the same year but they average around 15,000 per year.

So 0 fatalities and 156 injuries from bikes compared to 155 fatalities and 15,000 injuries from motor vehicles.

What that would equate to on a per vehicle basis, I have no idea for the injuries, but for the fatalities...it'll take a whole lot of bikes and some very questionable math to get that 0 to extrapolate up to 155.

Seems like the WSJ is going the way of Fox in the right wing victim mongering. Oh Rupert, we love you!

I couldn't get the WSJ video to play, but here's a YouTube of it that works fine:


UrbanEngineer> That WSJ video was nuts. Love it when people complain without providing any evidence what so ever.

What's funny is that, at one point, the interviewer herself provides evidence *to the contrary* (no pedestrian deaths from cyclists, but hundreds from cars), and Madame Batshit proceeds to argue from that that the danger is not from taxi drivers, but from cyclists. This woman is not merely divorced from reality—she never married it in the first place.

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