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Noticed this morning when I was out that the "Except Bikes" signs on Gallatin were gone, so I rode on the sidewalk a bit. And here's the reason why!

Gallatin also has bike lanes now looks like.

Oh good. I tried using the Gallatin east-bound once. Absolutely terrible. Turning traffic never looked left, and you needed to dismount to hit the pedestrian buttons at each light.

The 4th Street (or is it 5th?) route is so out of the way. I always ride Riggs Rd. Rather than turning after coming down the hill from Fort Totten park, I just keep going straight. The follows residential streets across New Hampshire and then up Riggs.

I know some don't like it saying it has more traffic, but there's plenty of room in the right lane for bikes and it's much more direct than the DDOT route.

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