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So let me get this straight...
Nothing at the Takoma Metro
Nothing in the huge apartment complexes in SS (Falkland Chase, Summit Hills, the ones up 16th, and one on the very edge of the Blairs)
Nothing in Fenton Village
Nothing in for the apartments down Thayer Ave (which is a flat road, ideal for biking)
But instead, we put token stations in Long Branch (great idea, but not when it's a haul to get to the nearest station), at the bottom of the hill at Maple & Ritchie (imagine the climb up Maple Ave to the metro station on a bikeshare bike...)

Have they learnt nothing about density? Flower and piney looks useless

@Joe: The Takmoa Metro station is not in Montgomery County.

It's pretty hard to know which locations will work, but a huge apartment complex is probably not a good place unless you are sure that alot of people who live there are returning from work at 8:00 AM or leaving for work at 5PM.

While Flower and Piney is not high density, there is alot of shopping there which means 2-way flow all day. But the dock had better be overdesigned because if anyone gets there with a bike and it is already full, what are they supposed to do?

Logically you would want one down off Eastern or at GA & Alaska given the huge new mixed-use thing they're putting in at the corner there and because there is no other link to Walter Reed (where DC and MoCo could coordinate for once).

I'm not sure I would put the one at Piney Branch and Flower. I get trying to facilitate the folks using the local merchants, but I would put it a little further down Piney Branch toward the end of the shopping complex if only for visibility. Because presumably people are going to ride down the hill there where the cars merge and so I would want the cars paying as mucha ttention as possible.

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