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FYI, the last link is actually to the safety walk article again.

I saw the famous, ground-breaking documentary "Escape From New York" from 1981. That movie shows that Manhattan is the true problem zone.


The TNR article makes a very valid point. One can be a strong supporter of bikesharing programs while pointing out that its value so far has been disproportionately skewed towards affluent neighborhoods, in both NYC and DC. Of course, part of this is a demand issue, but with bikeshare programs, new supply can create demand where none existed before.

fixed it

Capital Bikeshare hasn't avoided less affluent neighborhoods. There are many stations in Anacostia, for example, with more on the way.

Until recently, there were relatively few stations in affluent Upper Northwest. Even now, the coverage is still sparse, though improving.

In addition to the Guardian Angels, Friday morning on the MBT I saw two DC bike police riding north, around S St. or so.

re: bike share and access by the poor.

If poor people don't want to ride however, that's not bike share's fault. I think its incumbent on those who accuse bike share programs of discriminating against the poor to assist the program in improving access AND demand. If there is not the demand, then the stations will be pulled and moved to areas where there is demand.

Right now in DC, there are plenty of areas with demand greater than supply.

America is not now nor has it ever been a society of equals.

Walked with MPD, ANCs, GAs, and WABA Friday.

It was actually my first time on the MBT, and -- it's nice! I won't have much reason to use it until it comes closer to Union Station (I'm usually south of there and it starts at M) but if I happen by I'll get on just because I can.

What will really make a difference to the billions of people who aren't me is when it lives up to its billing as a complete 9-mile route to Silver Spring.

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