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Species name for "serious" cyclists who train in full kit on multi-use trails filled with kids in strollers and dog walkers: homo eunuch. These guys need to grow a pair and train where their idols train--on public roads.

@ Early Man

The proper nomenclature is "pathlete".

Interesting thing about that Alexandria Times letter is that it was an uncontroversial point made in the most controversial way. He says that bike riders ignore stop signs and we can all get along (in the old days) but those cyclists with their blowing through stop signs - they must be scolded. Um, ok, so the message is "don't be a jerk." Got it.

Shane's observations are extremely incisive - the type of below the radar tail that wags the dog (or whatever the correct simile might be).

well, it can't be bad that shane farthing details how DC govt works...but some of us knew this already...

and ANYONE who has tried to get an answer -- even an "i dont know"!!! -- knows that there is no meaningful bike advocacy in DC.


when will the CCT be repaved?

when will 14th street NW be repaved?

etc, etc.

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