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Washington and Boston never encountered widespread dock failure because that was before alta decided they were programmers.

Pay attention chicago and sf, failure is coming to you

I've actually experienced occasional problems docking into empty station in Arlington. Not often, but at least a few times. It seemed to occur in one week, when half the empty docks didn't seem to work. I've been using the system since the 1st month so I'm familiar with how to dock the bikes by now.

I guess the problem was fixed because I haven't noticed this problem too often, other than that one week.

As for NYC, I do have to wonder if it is partly user error and a propensity to complain before examining the situation. When first using the system, it may not be apparent how to dock a bike. During the first weeks of CaBi, I almost made the mistake of not docking the bike fully until it locked.

I also notice a regular series of complaints on the CaBi Facebook page, of people complaining about "scams" and unadvertised charges, when people decide to take a CaBi bike out for a multi-hour ride. But then someone posts a photo of the rate info, directly from the kiosk where it clearly states the additional charges after 30 minutes of each ride, in very large lettering. The complaints usually fade away.

I'm guessing that similar issues are happening with some people in NY. However, maybe that only explains part of the problems. It sees like the article is exaggerating certain issues to heighten the drama. Wouldn't be the first time that has happened in the media.

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