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Nice! Nicer still would be to rebuild the wooden steps that connect to the towpath that someone ran in to before this was put up. The other option of the steps along the bridge is crappy--literally, sometimes there is feces there, always there is the smell of urine, and huge poison ivy dangles down to brush against your bike seat if you aren't very careful.

Will driverless cars be able to distinguish between roads and bike paths?

In similar news, the United Methodist Chaplain at American University is biking to Chicago to raise money for campus ministry.


While I'm glad that a proper barrier was erected, I was also hoping that the deep rut in the road would be fixed. I saw one rider hit the rut and got a pinch flat.

Also, I've never understood why DDOT doesn't put up some no outlet or dead end signage.

Matt, this is a bit late, but I think that trench is intentionally there to drain the water across the street. I have always bunny hopped it, but after biking through there last night, I agree that it really needs to be fixed now. It's right in front of the gate, and sooner or later someone is going to run into the gate because of it.

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