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I think half the money goes to the COGs now, so we would expect the VA list to be shorter.

There are several current and upcoming construction projects in Arlington that will improve cycling in the county, even if they aren't on this particular list. Some are funded by VDOT, others by Arlington. Those include the Wash. Blvd. over Rte. 110, the Wash. Blvd. bridge over Columbia Pike, the Wash. Blvd./Courthouse Rd. trail, the Rte. 50/10th St. interchange, Crystal Drive two-way conversion, Long Bridge Drive reconstruction, Eads St. bike lanes and the now-complete Joyce St. sidewalks under 395.

Some of those projects are primarily road/bridge construction, but all of them should improve local bike infrastructure. I've been pleasantly surprised to see bike considerations included in the recent Arlington road projects. The only quibble is that it takes so long to build a new bridge that conditions will get worse during construction. A good example is on Columbia Pike under Wash. Blvd. where cyclists are now forced to cross Columbia Pike because of sidewalk closures. But that area will be more bike-friendly in a couple years.

NOTE: I believe the Joyce St. renovation was federally funded.

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