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AAA is a little late to the game with distracted driving. Honestly, that's the biggest reason I think the current no texting/phone calls law is stupid. It's always been the act of being distracted that's the problem and less so the device. So the solution should be to really crack down on distracted driving by tripling or more the penalties associated with it. Today some idiot almost hit me on E Street because he was pulling out of a parking spot...while reading the newspaper of all things!

To the church, their double parking should be ticketed. Anyone whom has ever driven 16th St on Sunday knows full well the sleiu of churches there backs up traffic. So this church on another major road complaining that their members can't double park is ridiculous. You have a church in a city--park two blocks away like the rest of us or seek no parking for a special event permits on Corcoran like everyone else.

Jesus H. Christ says don't move the bike lane, just coordinate with police to use it once in a while.

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