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I am going to keep repeating this until I am blue in the face: Sharrows are not bicycle infrastructure.

or in the words of the Dutch, sharrows are "just useless paint":

Jacob, the Dutch are wrong (and I guess that means you are too).

A FHWA study and another one done in San Francisco shows that sharrows decrease sidewalk cycling, move cyclists from the door zone, get drivers to pass cyclists with greater distance and even encourage drivers to give more space to parked cars.

So, it's probably better to repeat the science until you're blue in the face.


Ride inside the sharrows and get doored in the face.
Science ? Science that contradicts first hand experience is not science at all.
I trust the Dutch before any American source.
Best thing America could do is to quit trying to reinvent the bike route and learn from their betters.

Experience? This has happened to you? You were riding in sharrows and got doored in the face? Or did this happen to someone else you know? Who's experience?

I know a Dutchman with some tulip bulbs he'd like to sell

@ washcycle

Yes I have more experience biking the streets of DC then almost anyone .

I have biked as a commuter starting in the 60's to and from summer jobs.

I biked during my time in Europe in the military. I biked delivering blueprints downtown and I worked for western union as well.

I was a courier when the industry started when there were only 2 currier companies in town. I was a union organizer and was a part of the only NLRB recognized courier union to exist in DC and of unit of late in the USA

I return to courier work around 1994 and retired about 4 years ago. During my last stint as a courier I was elected by the couriers to be "team leader". I wrote the manual at WEX for bikers and was paid for doing so by the company. As team leader I went to the aid of anyone one of the 60 or so couriers then in the fleet. So yes I dare say I have some experience. I got some 30 or more years as a courier alone. That 6 to 8 hours a day at least 4 days a week. Problem with experience is it often come with though making mistakes.

"wisdom is the ability to learn from other peoples mistakes"
There is much Americans can learn from the Dutch. Yes you can learn from my mistakes or you can just make your own.


Yes I have had many car doors thrown open in front of me . I recall a few years ago on Capitol hill and man was killed after being doored and knocked the line of an on coming car.

Further a proper bikelane a least like the one of 15th st. takes no more space then the sharrows if the divers respect them.

But the way not just do away with the parking?

We have no duty to provide parking for those stink bombs. We got to take back out streets.


Well, I wasn't really looking for your resume. I was asking for a very specific type of experience. Let me ask the question again more explicitly. I'm looking for yes or no answers only.

Have you ever been doored in the face while riding in a sharrowed lane?

Have you ever seen this happen?

Have you ever heard of this happening?

Yes I have read of a man killed on Capitol as the result of being doored. Myself I learned , thoug many near misses to stay in the lane not only to avoid being doored but to prevent close high speed passes i.e. I ignore the painted lines and do what I have to protect myself. In the same fashion I all but ignored the Sharrows question for the greater question. What is best for the over all safety of the cyclist and do we not have as much right to demand roads for us as anyone else GM and it's slaves i.e. car owner's?
Your question calls for more then a specific answer, you already have more then enough answers, it call for education. However those persons who do not want to learn as is the case most often with Americans well so be it don't get doored see how you like it.
The links in my previous post are there to provide you with just that.
The whole idea that bike ought to share the rod with cars is unacceptable in high traffic areas.
Separate bikeways are the only proven way to insure the safety of all such that families , children , old folks etc. can cycle safely.

I fully expect the city to be sued for producing a hazard.

Do you mean East Capitol? None of the Capitol streets have sharrows.

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