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It's quiet… too quiet.

I worry about washcycle when he disappears like this.

Don't worry. All is well.

Former NY attorney and "socialite" Tabber Benedict has been disbarred. Why? On July 4, 2011, he was driving in Long Island with a blood alcohol level almost 3 times the legal limit. Then he struck a cyclist (a high-school teacher, lifeguard and father) and drove away.

Two other drivers saw the crime and blocked Benedict's SUV on the road so that police could arrest him.

The victim survived but continues to struggle with pain and disability because of the crash.

Benedict is now in prison, serving a sentence of 3 1/3 to 10 years.


The article includes a link to a NY Observer article that profiled one of Benedict's flashy parties.

Is there a ransom we should be paying to free Washcycle, or something?

I have some old iTunes gift cards I could contribute.

Can't blog now. Busy following royal baby story.

Royal baby born with clip on feet!! Headline News.

You need to find a WashCycle intern for the summer. I think the DC cycling community is starting to get lost and confused without any WC updates this week.

Like antibozo, I start scanning other website for bike related injuries when this website goes quiet.

this is like being a kid in the 70s, when you stayed up waaaay too late, and the TV stations actually signed off by playing the national anthem, and then that weird test pattern.

First BikeSnob on vacation, now Washcycle. David Alpert is going lite. What is happening in the blogiverse?

Not even any nice videos.

No links to Lance at Ragbrai.

No gripping news from the world of bike helmet safety research.

No nuthin'.

Love that book. Looks like a good time.

Anyone know what's up with the on-street bike racks in G'town? Both the one in front of the theater under the Whitehurst and the one across from the old B&N have been removed. WTF? I loved having that one in front of the theater.

Anyone know why there were pulling out the Penn Ave bollards this morning? Is this related to the Zebra trial already?

WWS - Washcycle Withdrawl Syndrome.

I hope Washcycle and the rest of the clan are out riding -- finally a cool enough day to enjoy. And then come back and blog already, the withdrawal symptoms are worsening.

I tried taking Hamilton east-bound to the MBT this a.m., all the way from 16th St. Won't do that again -- no traffic lights, no way to get across 14th, 13th, Georgia, etc, etc.

I'd say take Gallatin to New Hampshire, just shift to Hamilton to avoid salmon-ing those last two blocks.

So, was Buzzard Point the spot that someone wanted to put a velodrome? I guess they can get more money from a soccer stadium. 8(

Nancy, that was the place, but that deal fell apart in December. Ironically, I've always wanted a velodrome at the RFK site - which should be turned into Robert F. Kennedy National Recreation Area.

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