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If this was a car road, Im sure the sense of urgency would be the same, right?

At least the Zoo is trying to keep the trail open. That's a huge improvement over what they have done in the past. However, it was closed this morning.


And the surface of part of the trail is in better shape than some others.....

If the trail fails, wouldn't the recent sidepath rule either force the repair of the trail or legitimize the use of the roadway?

I really hope it undermines not just the trail, but the roadway as well. It would be lovely if they had to close the section of Beach north of there to auto traffic for safety reasons.

There was a car road that washed away in the park (Klingle Road), and the city did nothing about it, so I wouldn't be so sure that this is just ignoring cyclists. More like SOP for the city...

@JJJJJ - the short connecting street between East Beach Drive and West Beach Drive at the north end of Rock Creek Park has been like this for years. The embankment under the street has eroded and the are concrete barriers that block half a lane.

Get the trail widened and improved and make the park service put their time and money into the Rock Creek Park trail. This trail has been studied and now push the park service to take action and not just lip service. Get the trail to go into Maryland and make it more useable.

Yes, the city did nothing re Klingle. But that was a huge and very expensive project. They already have the money to do RC

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