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YES!!! As a PG County resident. I'm excited. Not sure what this will amount to, but I'm hopeful. Route 1 has been a thorn in my side--with its disappearing sidewalks and connections.

I forgot to add.. I mean, who has heard of an urban university without multiple modes of transportation? College students can't hire limos to take them everywhere.

If you are within the sound of my voice, we are this close to getting a north/south bike lane for NW DC. If you live anywhere nearby, or if you use or might use this facility, we need you to attend the ANC meeting on Wednesday and tell your own story about why the ANC should not stand in the way of resident safety. Please try and attend - it will make a difference

The trail would be from College Ave to Paint Branch Parkway/main entrance for UMD. There is already a trail running roughly parralel to Rt 1 there that runs up to 193. Basically it sounds like they're just going to run a trail inside the campus grounds parralel to the sidewalk. At least that's what I would do. If they're doing another trail up to 193 then I would laugh since it would have no purpose.

OR if they connected that trail from down by Seven Springs to the other side of the Beltway by Ikea. Those are improvements that would motivate more students to ride. Otherwise you have made the sidewalk along Rt 1 by Frat Row a little nicer with a trail and that's it.

A real bike lane on Rte. 1 in College Park is a total no-brainer. Even with the crappy sidewalks and horrific car traffic, you still see plenty of people walking and biking there.

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