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Regarding the tunnel under Monroe, the problem was that the bridge needed to be replaced over the CSX tracks.

As I understand, tunneling under the bridge now would potentially create structural problems. If you notice, there is space behind the meeting center to accommodate access to a a future tunnel under the rebuild bridge.

Was there a collision on Georgetown Pike last night with a cyclist? Heard some murmings about it, but don't see anything anywhere online.

Rockville has a program similar to what is described re: Fairfax. I can't imagine it costs more than $1000 a year to run. You fill out a complaint online and they send a form letter with the observed bad behavior filled in and tell you to be safe, etc. I used it once, it didn't have a positive effect so I called the cops the second time. That did.

Disclaimer: I'm very pro-Rockville PD right now since they were awesome handling me getting hit by a car while riding last week.

@Ryan--I live in Rockville and am eager to know where your incident happened. Hope you (and your bike) are okay.

Nancy- N. Washington St. A car turned left in front of me into that Asian grocery store. All's well. She had to buy me some new shoes lol

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