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That's an important trail linkup for north county because you will essentially connect Redland/Olney/Manor Country Club areas to Rock Creek Park Trail System. Of course the county will promote this as regional rather than interconnecting.

Most people in the survey are supportive of bike lanes because they have an expectation that it will remove cyclists from the road and restrict cyclists to bike lanes only.

Brilliant, except you can already get from Muncaster Mill to lake Frank, albeit in less scenic fashion, on benign little streets and the existing Lake Frank trails. I would think the money would be better spent on the GA Ave. corridor. Used to live up there before moving into town. Don't miss it much.

Brendan, where do you get that?

I've got a hypotheses that a minority of loudmouthed haters have everyone else convinced that bicycles and bike lanes are unpopular.

The disbelief I've seen on on this issue reminds me of the disbelief that I see whenever there is another "people are driving less" story. The data on both issues remain consistent. People, on average, actually like bicycles and are actually driving less.

I have another hypothesis: as the driving population shrinks, it becomes crazier.

Just a hunch. When there's no bike lane, drivers don't yell at me. When there is a bike lane, drivers yell at at me to get in the f-ing bike lane. And when I went to court for "failure to stay right" ticket in Arlington, the one question the judge asked was if there was a bike lane "near by." There was no bike lane, so I can't say for sure where he was going with that. I still won the case though.

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