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"Capitols' Ballpark"

Really sad I missed this meeting.

Washcycle, did they present information if the intersections with pedestrian crossing would have signals? They don't in their rendering or flyovers.

If not, all the bike connections in the world won't matter if you have to cross an uncontrolled street with essentially highway traffic. This whole things just screams "windshield perspective."

WFY beat me to it, but Capitols Ballpark? REALLY?

Other than that, this looks awesome. Can't wait.

@ Corey

Because this is a design build project, it's not crystal clear exactly what the signalization will look like. That said, at least on the west side, pedestrian signalization is present.

Less clear on the east side, but it appears that they've made provisions for signals.

Good catch. I totally missed that. Maybe the hockey team is going to start playing baseball?

Randall remembers more than me on that Corey. I don't recall any mention of traffic signals.

I didn't see a connection to the Suitland Trail, which is a real shame since connecting it to ART has been in at least four DDOT bicycle planning documents since 1997, and they really could build the connection to at least the Metro station today with minimal effort.

David, did they discuss that connection at all?

Those documents, for those counting: 1997 District Transportation Plan, 2005 Bicycle Master Plan, Emergency Evacuation Route Plan, 2012 Greening America's Capitol Anacostia Station Area Plan

Will, they didn't discuss it. I think because the Suitland trail starts outside of the study area for this project.

Oh, I see some signals now. Great. And hopefully the approach and bridge are laden with speed cameras. This sort of 135 degree turns are recipes for high speed and dangerous pedestrian and cyclist interaction. Signals have to be a priority at all crossings.

Will, they focused on Phase I. They are still working on connecting to Suitland, but it's in Phase II.

So WashCycle isn't going away after all!

If there is a dedicated path for cyclists why are there no ramps from this path to the main roadway on either side of the bridge?

Are cyclists meant to use the pedestrian ramps? This is crazy.

It has been considered best practice for some time now to allow cyclists to leave the street to enter a dedicated trail like this with dedicated ramps.

Why can we not get proper bike infrastructure in D.C.? This just screams marginalization.

N.B. For an example of how to do this right, check out *any* bridge in Portland, OR.

Steven, I think the intention is that you will be on the sidepath before you get to the bridge. So if going north along South Cap, you'll be on the sidepath on the west side of that roda (extra true since Overlook is one-way south-bound) which you can get onto as far south as NRL.

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