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Asboultly disgusting, a city , Wash. D.C., with one of the highest child poverty where many children are at risk food wize , can give money to WABA to spend on a bike ranger, a college kid at that not even someone from the neighborhood to ride up and down the trail. Fact is she is just a vulnerable as anyone else.
Had they hired someone from the neighborhood then some progress could be made. But WABA does not know anyone in that area .
To whom it may concern I would not work for or with WABA on anything.

Did you see this comment from the streets blog article? It's from one of the injured citibike riders. Hit along with a dozen pedis by a drunk who plowed through a crosswalk:

Yeah, that was me. I spent four days in the hospital with an infected shrapnel wound, a broken ankle, and bruising and lacerations to my lower-body. Grateful to be alive because it obviously could have been A LOT worse (and was worse for some of those involved). Feels a little morbid to be reading about yourself and your "minor" injuries, certainly gives me a new perspective on these debates. I guess I'm not more qualified to lend an opinion on this topic than anyone else, but in general I still feel that CitiBike is safe. A couple of interesting takeaways from my accident: The only reason I was at the 4th St station was because the bike I picked up at 11th St had a slipping 3rd gear, so I stopped at 4th to swap out the bike -- not really relevant to the discussion but adds a little extra sting for me to the narrative about faulty Citibike docks, bikes, etc. I was basically struck in or near the crosswalk, and the others injured in my accident were on their feet (I think). I bike to work every day, normally using my own (crappy) 10 speed, but rode Citibike that day b/c I had left my bike and helmet at work. Oh yeah, I was not wearing a helmet, and was very lucky to avoid a head injury. In general, I consider myself to be a very cautious rider, good with handling my bike, pay attention to my surroundings, expect others to make mistakes, etc., but obviously we are all subject to risks that are beyond our control. Oh, and finally, I have yet to be charged for the bike!

David: the same logic could be applied to anyone on the city budget. We don't close libraries because some kids are at food risk.

The WABA contract is basically cheap security (cheaper than MPD) to ensure safety for everyone who uses the trail: and that includes the kids from the neighborhood. If a kid from the neighborhood wants the job, he or she could apply to WABA.

A friend of mine said I should put in for one of the Trail Ranger jobs. In Apr or Oct it would be a nice job. In July,not so much.

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