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By unmasking the rabid squirrel irrationality of the opposition, this silly little woman has done more to advance urban cycling in the US than anything since the U-lock.

Send her the article showing that almost all cyclists stop at lights. She promised to go to the looney bin.

She may not have spoken openly about the jack booted bike reich and 9/11 but you know she was thinking it. Hopefully she will be behind the firing of a Wall Street Journal bike commuter so we can get a look at her deposition of what she really thinks about cyclists. Note to all WSJ employees who may be fired for cause--get on a bike, stat!

Dorothy Rabinowitz is the new Humpty Dumpty.

Wait a minute. She let out the secret that we cyclists really do come from Mars? No!!!!

Jackbooted Bike Reich: good name for a band.

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