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Didn't a recent study show that traffic levels/congestion had remained fairly steady in recent years despite the increase in population in D.C. and close-in suburbs? Arlington also released data indicating that traffic in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor had remained steady over the years, even as the population grew significantly.

While traffic is definitely terrible in the D.C. area, these studies show that past measures have started to chip away at the big mess of D.C. traffic. There's more work to be done though, so I'd love to see more balanced investments on all modes of travel, including transit, bike and pedestrian facilities and roads and bridges.

I actually biked past this guy Wednesday evening when the motorcycle cop was giving him a ticket. I couldn't figure out how he got there. He would have had to cross over three different low-water bridges that would barely be wide enough for his car. Yet he was just sitting in his car, like a regular person getting a normal speeding ticket. I'm so glad to see confirmation that I wasn't seeing things.

Clarification: Where I saw the guy pulled over was on Four Mile Run, just below the WO&D, so I thought he had gone over the low water bridges. Makes more sense that he would have gone down the WO&D and then used one of the connectors to get to Four Mile Run.

Still amazing. At some point you just have to decide not to believe your gadgets.

Do not question authority. When a little box tells you to drive somewhere, obey. Do not look around and say "this can't be right!" The little box knows all.

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