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Riddle me what's the point of giving us a bike lane that just goes from Forest Glen Rd down to 16th St? Maybe if it connected to something, but I would NOT ride on Georgia Avenue above or below there. I've driven/walked/rode the bke on the sidewalk there enough times to know, thanks, but no thanks. Out past Olney it's fine or even once you get into Silver Spring and people stop treating it like the autobahn, but at Forest Glen Rd you have the issue of people turning left (southbound) to go to the hospital forcing last second mergers right meanwhile you have everyone trying to move over to the beltway there at the last second.

Widen the sidewalk to 16 feet and continue that either down 16th st all the way to at least East West Highway or down Georgia on one side all the way into SS. Neither will happen.

T, you have to start somewhere.

Also, it serves people who are going from one place on that strip of GA avenue to another.

Yah I suppose you do, I just feel like some areas of suburban DC are like mini Oasis of trails and lanes to nowhere. I went south on Rt 1 by Ft. Belvoir and bunch of random trails to nowhere.

Now, what would make some sense to me is a lane on that road leading down toward RCP. I forget the name, real steep hill, but it gives people good access to easy way into the city.

Imagine there was a cycletrack on Georgia Ave instead of a bike lane; beginner cyclists who don't use bike lanes could access the businesses from the Sligo Creek Trail via Forest Glen Rd Sidepath.

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